BidenCash is a well-known carding marketplace that started in April 2022. It recently added SSH services for just $2. This has worried many people because these services can help criminals do bad things like steal data, hold computers for ransom, and launch big online attacks.

In October 2022, the first big issue with bidencash happened. A list of 1.2 million credit cards was leaked. This list had a lot of private info like our names, Social Security Numbers (SSN), and codes from our cards. Because of this leak, more people started using BidenCash. By February 2023, it had more visitors than ever due to 2 million new credit card records.


Key Takeaways

  • BidenCash, a notorious carding marketplace, has expanded into offering cheap and powerful SSH server access to threat actors.
  • The platform has experienced a significant increase in visitors following the release of multiple datasets containing over 2 million credit and debit card records.
  • Threat actors can leverage the powerful server configurations to conduct a wide range of malicious activities, posing a serious risk to individuals and organizations.
  • The availability of these SSH servers and stolen payment card data on the dark web can lead to a surge in financial fraud and other cybercrime.
  • Proactive monitoring and mitigation strategies are crucial for banking institutions and e-commerce businesses to safeguard against the potential misuse of the leaked data.

Introduction to Bidencash CC

BidenCash is known for selling stolen credit card info. Since April 2022, it has become well-known. Now, it sells SSH services starting at USD 2. This lets bad actors use strong servers for cyber attacks.

Background and Infamy

In October 2022, BidenCash leaked 1.2 million credit card details. The leak included personal details and security codes. This event made the site very popular, especially when 2 million new card details leaked in February 2023.

Rapid Growth and Popularity

The BidenCash site has grown quickly due to all this leaked information. It’s now a top choice for those up to no good in the cyber world. With SSH services available, attackers have more power for harmful activities like hacking and spreading malware.

Bidencash CC’s Expansion: Selling SSH Access

Last week, CloudSEK saw a change in what BidenCash does. They usually sell stolen credit card details. Now, they’re selling something new – access to SSH.

This means they’re letting people buy a way to connect to servers and computers. Interested buyers can now purchase this kind of access from BidenCash.

Advertisement and Key Features

On a Russian-speaking underground forum, BidenCash is making its pitch. They offer features like checking the server’s shell, knowing its CPU and RAM stats, and finding where it’s located. All this is for those who want to buy access through BidenCash.

The ad also calls on other like-minded people to join in and help grow this new side of their business.

Commission Structure

For every SSH access sale, BidenCash takes a 30% cut as their commission.

Analysis of Bidencash CC’s SSH Inventory

We just took a close look at the SSH servers available on BidenCash. Over the past five days, they’ve put up more than 850 servers. Each of these servers is unique, with different CPU types, hardware, and places around the world.

Number of Servers Listed

Those SSH servers have a wide price range on Bidencash. The lowest price is $2, and the highest is $10. If every server sold, sellers could make around $3,570 every five days. This means they might earn $21,420 in a month. BidenCash would also get about $1,530 from these sales every five days, or $9,180 each month.

Potential Earnings Calculations

We think BidenCash will get even more popular. This would mean they could have three times more servers for sale soon. With more servers, more people might be interested to buy. This could mean even more money for sellers and BidenCash.

Verification and Vouching for the Service

The new SSH has gained attention from threat actors on dark web forums. Because BidenCash is popular on the underground market, cybercriminals likely started buying offerings like bidencash, bidencash cc, and more. They probably use them for bad deeds.

Criteria for Becoming a Verified Vendor Requirement
Credit Card Samples Sellers must provide a sample of 50 credit cards to reviewers for testing, with a 98% approval rating to become a verified vendor.
Vendor Vouching There is a requirement for vendors to be reviewed and vouched for by other criminals in order to conduct transactions on the site.
Vendor Reputation The site features a seller who is rated A++, indicating high credibility within the black market community.

BidenCash is trusted in the underground market. It’s proven by the strict checks and reviews. These make it a top choice for cybercriminals’ illegal schemes.

Verification and Vouching

Bidencash CC

Powerful Server Configurations

The SSH servers on BidenCash are both affordable and offer different CPU strengths. Servers with high access levels start at just $10. Some even have 196GB RAM and 104 CPU cores, showing their power.

Potential Malicious Activities

This setup, however, opens the door to major risks. Threat actors might use it for harmful acts. This includes stealing data, forcing entry with brute force, and mining cryptos without permission. There’s also the threat of them doing massive DDoS attacks. These attacks can paralyze private and governmental services, hurting their image and operations.

bidencash servers

Impact on Cybersecurity and Organizations

Powerful SSH servers are sold on places like BidenCash, making it hard for organizations to stop cyber attacks. The buyers can stay anonymous, and the servers have a lot of power. These tools let bad actors do many harmful things, like steal data, hack passwords, or even make fake money.

Challenges in Thwarting Attacks

People who want to harm others online can buy these servers without anyone knowing. Then, they can use them to do big attacks on companies or governments. These attacks are hard to spot and stop, making the online world very risky for everyone.

Importance of Securing SSH Servers

Given this threat, keeping SSH servers safe is key for any organization. This means controlling who can use them, watching out for strange behavior, and fixing any weaknesses. If not, the consequences can be very bad. Cyber criminals will use their power and secrecy to do a lot of harm.

Recent Data Breach and Identity Theft Risks

The underground online market Bidencash is making headlines because of data breaches. In October 2022, it leaked 1.2 million credit cards. These leaks included private data, card numbers, and security codes. Then, in February 2023, 2 million more credit card details were leaked. This made lots of people visit BidenCash.

Completeness of the Dataset

The stolen data from BidenCash is very detailed. For example, the October 2022 leak included over 2 million cards. This detailed data greatly increases the risk of identity theft and scams for many people.

Personally Identifiable Information Exposure

PII and SSNs leaked with the credit card data from BidenCash pose a major threat. This info in the wrong hands can lead to identity theft and fraud. It could cause a lot of financial and personal damage.


Platforms like BidenCash are making it easier for cybercriminals to get what they need. They can buy powerful servers without revealing who they are. This makes it hard to stop cyber attacks. Organizations must work hard to keep their systems safe and protect their servers.

The servers sold on BidenCash are not expensive. They have different levels of power. This allows bad actors to do many harmful things, including stealing data, breaking into systems, and mining for cryptocurrency. They can also attack big enough to stop services at companies and government agencies.

A large data breach at Bidencash exposed millions of payment card details. This shows why it’s so important to be careful and alert. Companies need to be ready for new dangers, set up strong security, and teach their staff. Working together, we can make the digital world safer for everyone.


What is BidenCash?

BidenCash is a notable carding marketplace. It started in April 2022 and has become quite popular. The site sells leaked credit card information. It also offers SSH services to its users now.

What type of information has BidenCash leaked?

In October 2022, BidenCash leaked 1.2 million credit cards. These cards included important Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Social Security Numbers (SSNs). They also shared card details and CVV codes. In February 2023, another 2 million card data were released.

What are the key features of BidenCash’s SSH service?

BidenCash’s SSH services provide several features. These include shell checks, CPU and RAM details, server flags, and Socks5 port checks. They also offer geolocation services and blacklist IP address checks. It all aims to make buying SSH access effective and hassle-free.

How much can sellers and BidenCash earn from the SSH service?

Our study shows that selling all 850 SSH servers can earn sellers and BidenCash a good amount. Sellers could make around $3,570 every five days. This is equal to $21,420 monthly. BidenCash would earn a commission of $1,530 every five days, or $9,180 monthly.

What are the risks associated with the SSH servers offered on BidenCash?

SSH servers on BidenCash marketplace pose risks. They are both low-priced and have varying CPU setups. This makes it easy for bad actors to use them for harmful activities. They might steal data, launch ransomware or DDoS attacks. This can disrupt services of many businesses.

How can the availability of SSH servers on BidenCash impact cybersecurity?

Purchasing powerful servers allows attackers to hide and make their actions hard to stop. With a site like BidenCash selling SSH services, cyber attacks can become bigger and more frequent. This is why keeping systems safe and protecting SSH servers is crucial for every organization.

What are the risks for individuals affected by the data breaches on BidenCash?

The large datasets leaked by BidenCash put people at severe risk of identity theft and financial fraud. They include PII, SSNs, card details, and CVV codes. This puts individuals worldwide under a significant threat.